Commercial Buildings Built to Withstand Canadian Climates

January 27, 2023

North, Strong, and Built with Climate in Mind

When it comes to commercial building in Canada, there are several important considerations to keep in mind. The country’s diverse climate can pose challenges for commercial builders and commercial development companies. In the Okanagan we are familiar with working around intense summer heat and of course the burden of snowfall come winter. 

With the right planning and construction techniques, we know what is possible to create buildings that are both functional and sustainable to address these environmental factors. Read on for some of the considerations we work around to build beautiful, inviting, and high-performing structures. 


Don’t catch a draft! One of the key factors to consider in commercial building construction is insulation. This is important in any climate but in Canada where temperatures range from subzero in the winter to scorching hot in the summer, proper insulation is essential to keep the building comfortable for occupants and to reduce energy consumption. This Insulation options such as spray foam, cellulose, and fiberglass can all be effective, but it’s important to choose the right type and thickness for the specific climate and building type. You can leave that to the experts though!

The Building Envelope

Another important consideration is the building’s envelope. In Canada, it’s common for commercial buildings to have large windows to let in natural light and to take advantage of views. However, these windows can also be a major source of heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer. To mitigate this, commercial builders and commercial development companies can use high-performance glazing, shading devices, and other strategies to reduce heat transfer through the windows.

Building Orientation

North, West, South, East – which way do you face? Does it matter? Often we recommend positioning the building to take advantage of natural light and to minimize exposure to the sun’s rays during the hottest part of the day. This is also a great way to reduce energy consumption and improve the comfort of the building’s occupants. Street orientation should also be taken into consideration. Having entrances and exits that are accessible from parking lots or street access is integral to ensuring people can get in and out of your building without obstacles.

Building Material

Where is the balance between cost-effectiveness and durability? It is important to choose durable and low-maintenance materials for the building’s exterior. In Canada, commercial buildings are often exposed to harsh weather conditions, including heavy snowfall, strong winds, and extreme temperatures. By choosing materials that can withstand these conditions, commercial builders and commercial development companies can help to ensure the building’s longevity and reduce the need for costly repairs and maintenance.

commercial building

Work with a Canadian Builder!

Commercial building construction in Canada can be challenging, but by working with a Canadian contractor who is used to building in the climate, the complexity can be eliminated! With the right planning and construction techniques, it’s possible to create functional and sustainable buildings that are able to withstand our country’s diverse climate. 

Work with us today!

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