Our Approach

We pride ourselves in our ability to take any project to functional and aesthetically appealing completion. Our experience in planning and knowledge of commercial construction allows for the effective coordination of:

Budget – We believe in being transparent from the get-go, including tailoring all bids to your requirements and delivering on projects that meet your allotted budget.

Timelines – effective time and schedule management ensures milestones are met.

Safety – Nothing comes before safety at Brentwell. We ensure a safe work environment for our employees and always work with the highest of safety standards.

Consistency & Quality – We are a master of consistency and provide the highest quality in order to enhance your business through your space. We are fully informed on the latest industry trends and can assist you from concept to creation.

Building Process


Of all the stages of building construction, this is the most important. From inspecting land or planning building upgrades, we will help with the positioning, organizing and designing of your commercial project.


This stage incorporates everything from foundation and framing to exterior walls, interior partitions and the roof assembly. This phase may also include electrical and plumbing installations and inspections.


We will do a final walk through with you, and then last minute touch-ups will be completed. Once all requirements have been met, the project architect finally issues a certificate of substantial completion so that the building official can perform a final inspection.