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July 20, 2022

There’s no place like home!

With Canada Day having come and gone this July, we wanted to continue celebrating being a Canadian construction company that is fortunate to work with other Canadian partners. Together we provide truly quality custom homes and commercial products that our communities can be proud of. 

When you choose Canadian for your home project, you’ll be able to know that you have also chosen to invest in your community. It’s important to us that as a Canadian, Vernon-based builder, we also choose to work with Canadian partners on our projects. 

Why Build with Canadian Builders and Suppliers?

Trucks working on a commercial development

Building with Canadian suppliers, manufacturers, and builders have a number of benefits we are happy to share with you. We love partnering with Canadian suppliers because we know that we are investing back into the Canadian economy. The construction industry in Canada employs over 1.4 million people and generates about $141 billion for the economy annually. This is roughly 7.5% of Canada’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

Some of the benefits we see from building Canadian are:

Generating Jobs. 70% of the industry is made up of small and medium-sized firms. Canada is home to a diverse pool of talented people who connect communities by building reliable and efficient infrastructure. 

Economic Growth. Investments in our Canadian construction industry lead to further growth of the sector. This means further growth in employment, research and development, and infrastructure.

Innovation. Canadian-owned firms are driven by interests in promoting and driving innovation to provide Canadians with safer, more efficient, and long-lasting construction. 

Benefits to clients. With our Canadian partners, we can ensure timelines by dodging some of the international supply chain hold-ups that can sometimes drag projects out longer than anticipated. 

We love partnering with firms that play a part in contributing to our community. This goes for custom homes or commercial projects.  Some of the amazing people we work with are featured below.

Westform Metal

Angled garages are a beautiful architectural feature of your home. Builds

Built Together to Stand the Test of Time. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Westform Metal has specialized in roll forming metal roofing and siding since the mid-1970s. They supply cladding products for agricultural, industrial, and residential structures throughout BC, Alberta, and Saskatchewan.

Westform Metal works on some of our custom homes to deliver robust, steel roofing and siding. They are known for their quality and durable materials, saving our clients money in the long run. Additionally, with steel being the world’s most recycled material, working with Westform Metal means we can create homes for our clients they can feel proud of.

Westform Metal custom home


Acutruss insulated concrete forms

Founded in 1979, Acutruss is a supplier of NUDURA Insulated Concrete Forms which is proudly Canadian and founded in Kelowna, British Columbia. They are also a supplier of PINKWOOD joists which are manufactured in Calgary, Alberta. Along with their engineering services, Acutruss is an invaluable partner to us in building reliable truss structures.

Their products are energy-efficient and eco-friendly. Their concrete forms are used to make high-performing walls that create an air-tight seal and prevent energy loss. Their philosophy is to provide builders like us with innovative solutions that address concerns around energy efficiency and environmental friendliness.

Let’s Build Together!

Custom Homes & Commercial Developments

As another player in our Canadian construction industry, we work with the best of the best to provide our clients with exceptional homes and buildings they can be proud of. As Vernon builders, we care about you and your home or commercial development. Our partners and ourselves are on top of all the latest building trends and provide local, trusted expertise. 

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