Why Work With A Custom Home Builder?

July 25, 2023

Filling In The Unknowns

Taking the initial leap to start on such a huge investment with a new custom home builder can seem like a huge risk. Custom homes are more than just an investment in your future, but they’re an expression of your lifestyle and personality. It can be challenging to open up to the idea of letting a builder guide you through this process.

Whether you’re renovating your childhood home, building your dream place, or your summer bunkie out in the woods, we’ll work through your vision so it becomes something that’s uniquely yours and fits within your budget. From initial consultations to final key handoffs, our team is involved in every aspect of the build. We’ll work through all the details of your project, including anything related to:

  • Design Consultation
  • Design Development
  • Permit Submittal
  • General Contracting/Construction
  • Project Management
  • Real Estate Investments
  • Insurance Work
  • Renovations/Additions
custom home builder

Working With A Multi-Faceted Team

Many homebuilders solely work as contractors, and rely on working from job to job on the construction side of things. From our experience, this disconnects the design from the build process. Having an office as our home base, allows for us to have a collaborative meeting space and a place for us to come back to the drawing board when things change. Our diverse team allows for ease on the client side to project manage and coordinate all of the permitting and construction process, so you know you’re working with the best team and suppliers for your particular project. We’ve worked with numerous suppliers over the years and can provide realistic estimates and do all the heavy lifting of sourcing materials within your budget and taste.

multi family dwelling

Our Collaborative Process

The most exciting part of our job is helping our clients bring a dream to a reality. We’ll work closely with you and your family through initial sketch concepts and help turn them into a reality with our well-versed project management and construction team. Our team loves pushing the boundaries of what’s possible and are always looking for new opportunities to make each project truly unique. 

Okanagan Building Experience

We’ve been working in the Okanagan for over a decade, and have vast experience with local building code regulations. We’re also familiar with geographic and climate differences even just in the Northern Okanagan and surrounding areas of Vernon. We’re weary of differences in precipitation between lower valley regions along with mountain-side areas, and how these affect foundation building and roof loads when it comes to snow build up. 

Everyone wants those uninterrupted lake views, but often forget that building lakeside comes with its own degree of challenges. Even lakeside properties require a different degree of understanding of geographic needs. Typically they have to follow certain shoreline regulations to keep safe distances from flood levels and to ensure properties are secured to enough bedrock. The earlier you’re able to engage a builder in your property purchasing and homebuilding process, the earlier we’ll be able to work through the kinks to make your dream a reality.

Okanagan aerial view

Assurance Until The Final Key Handover

Once the final paint touches and fixtures are in the house, seeing it all come together can be overwhelming. One of the biggest things we notice with our clients is that when everything finally comes together, there’s always something that stands out from their initial idea. Nothing ever goes as planned, and we expect that. We often encourage clients to sit with certain fixtures, colours, and countertops for a couple nights before making any big decisions on the fly. This ensures that you’ll feel confident when everything is finally up in the house. That final key handover is our assurance that we’ve worked through all the details of the place so it’s something that you’re truly happy with. 

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