Transform Your Home for the Holidays

November 30, 2023

It’s that time of year again, a marathon of cooking and entertaining until New Year’s. Are you ready? It’s the time of year when your home and kitchen get a real workout. Preparing dinners for more people than usual, baking pies, frosting sugar cookies, and entertaining friends and family puts your home to the test.

The holidays are a time for gathering, a time to share your home with family and friends BUT hosting can be a challenge for those who have limited space and find it difficult to accommodate larger groups. When deciding how to plan for gatherings and celebrations over the holidays, your most lived-in areas, such as your kitchen, living room, and bedrooms should be considered as multi-use spaces.

Holidays are the perfect time to evaluate your space and your needs while entertaining with family and friends, and here at Brentwell, we see this as a wonderful opportunity to contemplate the design of your dream home. 

Here are some of our thoughts on planning for gatherings and celebrations in your home during the holiday season.

Get cooking, in the kitchen.

For most people, the kitchen is the central hub and the most utilized room in the house.  Do you love to cook? Or are you in a household that’s full of cooks and need plenty of extra prep space? Many standard kitchen layouts don’t consider your specific needs and can limit the potential of your kitchen especially during the holidays when space is so important. A holiday-ready kitchen may mean maximizing space and starting out with a clean slate. 

Before getting groceries for the holidays, clean your fridge and discard any old or expired items. Out-of-date food takes up precious refrigerator space. This will allow you to make room for your turkey and all the fixings.

Optimize your workspace. Now is the perfect opportunity to clear your countertops of anything unnecessary, especially bulky appliances. The pleasure of cooking is heightened when you can effortlessly locate every item in your well-organized kitchen.

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Start by taking stock of your pots, dishes, glasses, silverware, and any other essentials. This proactive approach eliminates the need for frantic searches or impromptu kitchen rearrangements. Instead, you can fully immerse yourself in the cooking process, savouring the time spent with friends and family without any unnecessary distractions!

Prepare in advance. A kitchen ready for the holidays is one that’s well-stocked. Picture offering coffee with dessert only to discover you’re out of coffee filters. By planning ahead and creating a list now, you can avoid last-minute store runs. Additionally, ensure you have an ample supply of essentials such as garbage bags, plastic wrap, and containers to efficiently handle leftovers. Being well-prepared allows you to enjoy the festivities without any unexpected hitches!

Make more room, for more living(room).

Many homes constructed prior to the 1980s feature clearly divided rooms which can be a challenge for entertaining larger families. The key is to be creative and flexible with the space you have. Use a mix of seating options to ensure optimal use of available space. Arrange furniture strategically such as different groupings of chairs, benches, and floor cushions to provide flexibility and create more casual conversation areas. This will give your space a sense of openness. 

An open-concept home, on the other hand, will combine the primary areas, living room to kitchen, creating one main “living” space that feels spacious and inviting. This gives you the ability to entertain your guests and join in the conversation, while still cooking a masterpiece. With this design, having a focal point, such as a feature wall, built-in cabinets or even a designated TV/entertainment zone will create a comfortable gathering area, perfect for the holidays!

A home office with a twist.

Thinking of a few spaces in your home as “multi-functional” can open endless functional design options. For example, maybe you aren’t using your home office over the holidays. Why not add a daybed to accommodate guests more comfortably? A custom Murphy bed is also a great option when you’re looking for flexible sleeping arrangements over the holidays; a great fit for an office, den or basement.

Entertaining kids? A home office makes a great playroom. With a little organization and preparation, you can create a comfortable space for kids to play and relax. A few blankets, snacks, and a movie, equals some much-needed quiet time. This will allow the kids to stay occupied and give the adults a chance to relax and visit.

Embrace the festive season. 

In the tapestry of holiday hosting, our most lived-in spaces become vibrant threads weaving warmth and cherished memories. By transforming kitchens, living areas, and even home offices, we elevate hosting to an extraordinary experience. As we embrace the festive journey, may our homes stand as a testament to togetherness and the timeless joy of holiday celebrations. Cheers to creating magical moments within the comfort of our most cherished spaces!

Working with the experts at Brentwell.

We can transform your home, allowing you to maximize the space, based on your needs and future plans. From custom layouts to creating “feature walls” or adding custom millwork, these seemingly minor design considerations can change the way you use and enjoy your space. Making spaces multi-functional, by doubling as offices and bedrooms or recreational areas can help future-proof your home!

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