Foundations of Success: Navigating the Planning Phase for Your Multifamily Build

February 27, 2024
3d renderings of multifamily project in Revelstoke


Constructing a successful multifamily build project requires careful planning and smart decision-making right from the beginning. Below we’ll highlight the importance of assembling the right team to achieve the desired results of your multifamily builds. Whether you’re eyeing the Okanagan area or any other part of British Columbia, thorough planning will ensure a successful project. Considering the increasing demand for long-term rental options in the Okanagan and across BC, it’s clear that thoughtful, detailed planning is more important than ever as you undertake multiunit residential projects.

Location, Approvals, Ground Development

Once you have found the perfect location, obtaining all necessary approvals is essential to ensure compliance with regulations and codes. This step may seem tedious, but it is paramount in protecting your investment and avoiding potential setbacks down the line. Additionally, don’t forget about ground development – preparing the site adequately can prevent future issues such as drainage problems or foundation issues. By carefully planning your multifamily construction project and visualizing its appearance, you pave the way for success while ensuring all necessary services are in place for smooth construction.

concrete foundations at multifamily construction site
exterior shot of multifamily construction project in revelstoke


Let’s look closer at the design of our townhouse developments in Revelstoke, The Hemlock. Featuring 39 units, these townhomes boast a distinct Norwegian-inspired aesthetic that sets them apart. The design prioritized low-maintenance living, ensuring residents can enjoy their leisure time without the hassle of yard upkeep. The Hemlock project seamlessly blends style and functionality, displaying the appeal of Nordic-inspired living in the heart of Revelstoke. Considering your design preferences from the start of your multifamily residential project not only helps you stay focused but also allows you to personalize your living space, much like the approach taken in the Hemlock development.

Community Engagement

One of the most crucial steps for community engagement is talking to nearby residents. By seeking their input and addressing any concerns they may have, you show that their opinions matter and build a foundation of trust and support within the neighbourhood. Getting buy-in from your neighbours can make all the difference in the success of your initiatives, as their support can help drive your builds forward and create a sense of collaboration.


Timeline & Milestones

Flexibility is key when building. By doing foundational work during the off-season months, you can ensure that any unexpected issues are addressed before they become major setbacks. For example, laying the groundwork, securing permits, and setting up infrastructure during quieter months can help avoid delays when construction picks up pace.

Construction side for multifamily project with tarps and dirt.


In conclusion, the success of any construction project lies in meticulous planning that encompasses various crucial elements such as market research, compliance, collaboration, financial planning, and sustainability. Brentwell Construction understands the importance of staying focused on its vision of building communities that not only stand the test of time but also enrich the lives of those who inhabit them. 

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