Creative Kitchens

The white contemporary kitchen by Elad Gonen is a very European way to build. Those who need to save space and hide the clutter have been designing kitchens differently for years… with concealed doors that push back out of sight after using them. Never bang your head on an open kitchen cupboard door again.
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Innovative shower Steam shower

2018 Building Trends

With strategic placement, intimate courtyards, and glass walls, an ‘indoor’ shower can feel anything but!
“Alexa, please power up the hot tub”. Voice assistants on standby will make your wish, their command.
To ditch the clutter, homeowners are choosing Hydraulic doors and pull-out wall storage to streamline their kitchen.
An array of large, rectangular windows that let lots of light in. Folding glass walls that open to outdoor spaces.
Contemporary spaces that flow together. Ideal for families who want to be close even if in different rooms / entertaining.
Want to make a great first impression? Some creative furniture or pops of colour can make a huge difference.
Intimate Outdoor Spaces Backyards built for lots and lots of casual living. Large custom decks, fire pits, and even outdoor kitchens.
What better way to save time than combining your closet and laundry room? Wash, fold, hang, dress, repeat!